Build in the Winter

Build in the Winter


One question we always get throughout the construction industry is if we can build in the winter months, yes, the answer is yes of course we can.

The process doesn’t change to much, however, the fact that things as a whole may move a bit slower than normal. We can still dig for instance, however, will wait to pour concrete until the temperature is adequate. While some things are still completely doable in the winter months, we wait for landscaping, driveways, and sidewalks until the spring. This helps ensure the health of the new plants while we would have to wait for the asphalt company to open. 

We also get asked if building in the winter changes the integrity of the home at all. Snow, may be the least fun to dig out, but it won’t be anymore harmful to your home than the typical rainy day in the summer. For instance, lumber arrives at the job site with a moisture content of 19%. If you’re building in a particularly rainy spring, we test the framing pre-drywall to ensure that the moisture content is acceptable. During the winter months, we continue to monitor the moisture levels and bring heaters in to keep the lumber warm and frost at bay. 

Don’t let Jack Frost stop you from looking into new construction. It’s a common misconception that we can’t start building until spring or summer, however, that’s just not true. Building in the winter actually ensures you have a beautiful brand new home just in time for Summer!

How does Elevated by Silverthorne work?

How does Elevated by Silverthorne work?


We have had such an exciting time introducing you to Elevated by Silverthorne, however, we have had a lot of questions, “How does it actually work?”

Well, we are here to break it down for you. The big picture is simple, we are trying to make the home building process two things:

1. A little bit simpler

2. A little more affordable

In order to do this, it requires some changes on our end in order to ensure the home building process is as efficient as possible. Now the plans may be different however they are the same styles that have been so popular for Silverthorne Homebuilders.


When people build a home through Silverthorne Homebuilders the traditional way, they make changes throughout the building process. These changes can cause problems and confusion can occur. Pricing increases based on upgrades and other added features and the final price is unknown until the end. Eventually, they are end up with a really nice brand new shiny home. However a lot of people do not like this process and the stress it can incur. So we have worked really hard to eliminate some of those roadblocks by bringing you Elevated by Silverthorne.

With Elevated, we have packaged our most common and popular options into “tiers” and each tier varies in price. If you have ever shopped for a vehicle online, you may notice that we are doing something similar. Unlike Silverthorne Homebuilders, there will be no changes to these tiers because essentially what you see is what you get.


You can create the look and feel and start building your home in less than 10 steps. How easy is that?


First and formost, you need to decide a key component to building your new home, where will it be. We are currently offering Elevated in the Quad Cities and the Chicagoland areas. Some of our areas have very limited lots available, so do not hesitate if you are wanting to make the move into a brand new construction home.
Whether it is a ranch or two-story home, we have a handful of different plans that are sure to suit your families wants and needs.

To see what floorplans we currently offer, visit our floorplan page here.

In the following steps, you will have to choose one of two (sometimes three) options. The “standard”, which for most selections are already included in the floorplan pricing. If the standard is not for you, we also have the “premium” option. The premium which is a bit more elevated, in turn has an added price associated with it. These options make it easy to choose which options fit within your budget.

This is the best part of Elevated by Silverthorne, you can easily choose what fits within your budget and will know the estimated total at the time of signing your contract.

One of two structural design decisions you will have to make. Not many people think about the size from floor to ceiling of their basements, but it is important to think about for the future.

Particularly, if you plan to finish the basement in the future, however, we do not offer finished basements with Elevated, we can help prepare you for that with a 9’ ceiling. Now, if you are planning on using your basement strictly for storage purposes, an 8’ basement will be perfectly fine.

In addition to the first structural design decision, this is number two, fireplace or no fireplace. Whether you choose a fireplace for the functionality or simply for the aesthetics, there will be an added touch of quality and craftsmanship within the home. However, for some, a fireplace has no place within their new home.
What is an Elevation? Well to put it simply, an elevation is the structural look and feel of the exterior of your home. There are two elevations per floorplan, the ‘standard’ and the ‘premium’ which is a bit more elevated.
This is where the most exciting selections begin. We spent time with a professional designer to choose a large selection of exterior color packages for you. Again, with ‘standard’ and ‘premium’ packages, you get to choose the best package that suits your family.

Do you want a red home? No problem, check out the ‘Farenheight 1840’ package.

Would you rather have a blue home? The ‘House of Blues’ is a gorgeous combination and one that will be featured on our model home in Bettendorf, Iowa.

Check out all the ‘Curb Appeal’ Exterior Color Packages Here

Next, this may be one of the hardest decision you’ll have to make. We have broken down the interior features of your new home into three tiers, tier 1 “Charlie Brown” the standard option, Tier 2 “Meet in the Middle” and upgrade from tier 1, or Tier 3 “Top Shelf” the premium option. These tiers are broken down into a “good, better, best” approach. The ‘Top Shelf’ tier actually features things that are normally considered upgrades in a $450K+ home.

For example, in tiers 2 & 3, homeowners will receive a Nest Thermostate and Schlage lock for the front door, whereas, tier 1 homeowners receive a standard thermostat and deadbolt.

To see what is offered in each tier, visit ‘How It Works’

Finally, we have worked hand in hand with a professional interior designer to again bring you professionally curated interior color packages. Based on the tier you have selected in Step 7, will determine what interior color packages you have to choose from. For each tier you choose, you can select a package from the previous tiers, but you cannot select from any tier higher than the one you have selected.

For example, homeowners who have selected tier 2, the ‘Meet in the Middle’ package, can select an interior color package from either tier 1 or 2. Whereas a tier 1 homeowner can only choose from the tier 1 color package.

With plenty of different options to choose from, we are sure you will fall in love with more than just one, making this the hardest decision you will make.

To see all the interior color packages, visit the gallery here.



With less than 10 steps you will know exactly the look and feel of your new home prior to construction.

Are you ready to see if Elevated is the right fit for you? Schedule a time to sit down and chat with us here.

Introducing Elevated by Silverthorne

Introducing Elevated by Silverthorne


Welcome to Elevated by Silverthorne, professionally curated new construction homes. Here at Elevated we want you to enjoy buying and building your new home.

Why put all your money towards a mortgage, when you could be traveling?

Why stress about building your new home, when you’re suppose to be excited about the process.

Don’t settle for renting for the rest of your life or living in a small cramped condo.

We definitely don’t want you to settle in someone else’s version of their dream home 30 years ago. Don’t fall patron to the dreaded “house shame”, get excited to show off where you lay your head at night!

Elevated by Silverthorne is a selection of beautifully and professionally curated from the exterior to interior, with the same quality and craftsmanship of Silverthorne Homes, while at an amazingly affordable price. What does that even mean?

We found, through our experience, some customers get overwhelmed by making the hundreds of design decisions when building a completely custom home. Now, we’ve simplified the process, it means we took the hard parts of building a custom home out by making the hundreds of design decisions for you. We have many exterior and interior packages to choose from, which have been professionally curated from our interior designer. We know you will fall in love with more than one package. So picking just one will be the hardest decision you make.

Your home design, decision making process is less than 10 steps, much less stressful than 100+ designs normally in a completely custom build.

The ability to OWN your NEW construction home is closer and much more affordable than you may think. Don’t be ashamed of where you live; invite your friends and family over for a beer or two in your new Silverthorne Elevated Home.