Build in the Winter

Build in the Winter


One question we always get throughout the construction industry is if we can build in the winter months, yes, the answer is yes of course we can.

The process doesn’t change to much, however, the fact that things as a whole may move a bit slower than normal. We can still dig for instance, however, will wait to pour concrete until the temperature is adequate. While some things are still completely doable in the winter months, we wait for landscaping, driveways, and sidewalks until the spring. This helps ensure the health of the new plants while we would have to wait for the asphalt company to open. 

We also get asked if building in the winter changes the integrity of the home at all. Snow, may be the least fun to dig out, but it won’t be anymore harmful to your home than the typical rainy day in the summer. For instance, lumber arrives at the job site with a moisture content of 19%. If you’re building in a particularly rainy spring, we test the framing pre-drywall to ensure that the moisture content is acceptable. During the winter months, we continue to monitor the moisture levels and bring heaters in to keep the lumber warm and frost at bay. 

Don’t let Jack Frost stop you from looking into new construction. It’s a common misconception that we can’t start building until spring or summer, however, that’s just not true. Building in the winter actually ensures you have a beautiful brand new home just in time for Summer!