We'll Find You The Perfect Space

Whether in the Quad Cities or Chicagoland, we have the perfect location for you. We build in the communities you care about, because they are our communities too. We live, work and play in the communities we serve. 

We Work With Your NEEDS

Downsize, Upsize, or Rightsize. Ranch or Two-Story. Two, three or even four bedrooms. Two to three bathrooms. We have the options and selections to fit your wants and needs.

We did the hard work for you

Now you don’t have to stress about the flooring matching the cabinets. We had our interior designer, develop a variety of professional curated packages to choose from.


Elevated by Silverthorne is a selection of beautifully and professionally curated from the exterior to interior designed homes, with the same quality and craftsmanship of Silverthorne Homes at an amazingly affordable price. What does that even mean? We found through our experience, some customers get overwhelmed by making the hundreds of design decisions when building a completely custom home. Now, we’ve simplified the process, it simply means we took the hard parts of building a custom home out by making the hundreds of design decisions for you. You choose from the many packages professionally curated from our interior designer that fit your style. Your home design decision making process is less than 10 steps, much less stressful than 100+ designs in a completely custom build.

At Elevated we want you to enjoy the home buying experience. Why put all your money towards a mortgage, when you could be traveling? Why stress about building your new home, when you’re suppose to be excited about the process! Don’t settle for renting the rest of your life or living in a small cramped condo, and definitely don’t settle in what was someone else’s version of a dream home 30 years ago. Don’t fall patron to the dreaded “house shame”, get excited to show off where you lay your head at night!

The ability to OWN your NEW construction home is closer and much more affordable than you may think. Don’t be ashamed of where you live; invite your friends and family over for a beer or two in your new Silverthorne Elevated Home.


Jim Work

“Head of Chaos”
Owner / Founder

Noel Sanders

“Inspiration Engineer”
Iowa Superintendent

Mindy Salas

“Portal Overlord”
Purchasing & Merchandiser

Kati Tunget

“Crayola Commander”
Marketing Coordinator


It’s no secret, building a home takes time, commitment and care. What they don’t tell you, all the selections and options you have to choose from can become overwhelming. We made the home building process easier.